The 6 Best Skagen Watches in 2021

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SKAGEN was inspired by a Danish coastal town from which the company borrowed their name, as well as their patented minimalist, warm spirit. And over the years, this enterprise has stayed true to its core principle: Good design for better living. Something which can be seen in all their products.

According to them, the key is always simplicity and capturing what’s necessary in a simplified, great-looking way.


Table: My 6 Best Skagen Watches in 2021

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My 6 Best Skagen Watches:

Now, I’ll shed light on some of the best Skagen Watches that I’ve reviewed just for you. I have done my best to be thorough and unbiased in my SKAGEN watch review to give you a first-hand experience of what it feels to use these glorious, luxurious watches.

And considering I had to give you only the best in this SKAGEN watches reviews. Here is what I think you should check out;


Best Skagen Watch For Men: Skagen Kristoffer

Skagen KristofferThe SKAGEN Kristoffer Multifunction Stainless steel watch boasts of one of the most subtle yet elegant designs you’ll ever set your eyes on.

This reliable model is designed to meet the diverse needs of the market worldwide by allowing you to transition from the boardroom to the dinner table with ease. It features a simple analog display and an alluring mineral crystal face which adds a touch of class to your style regardless of the outfit you pair it with.

Renowned Quartz watch movements. Ever since its inception in 1969, the Quartz watch movement has proved to be resourceful for watch owners. This SKAGEN model, for instance, uses this renowned Japanese watch movement system to enhance precision.

Quartz watches are easy to use because they are battery powered and don’t need human intervention. The system also has few moving parts which renders the watch low maintenance and very durable.

Quality Materials Used. The SKAGEN Men’s Kristoffer Multifunction Stainless steel not only complements your style. But it also helps you to save money by using high-quality materials, that will last for long.

The watch features a round stainless steel case, adjustable light brown leather straps, and a sturdy, traditional buckle closure. The use of carefully selected materials goes a long way in fostering low maintenance and enhancing longevity.

Why The SKAGEN Kristoffer my best pick for men?…

This multifunction SKAGEN model features the renowned Quartz watch movement system, it’s designed with high-quality stainless steel and leather straps, and has a simple, gorgeous design that blends well with almost any outfit.

The watch feels comfortable on the wrist; it’s low maintenance, easy to use, and most importantly, very durable.

The watch is also water resistant up to 165 feet (50 m).

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Best Skagen Watch For Women: Skagen Ancher Stainless Steel in Rose Gold

Skagen Ancher Stainless Steel in Rose GoldThe SKAGEN Women’s Ancher watch is a classy model for the ladies. This masterpiece features a simple analog display with shinning crystal hour markers which add to the aesthetics.

Furthermore, the watch is specially designed to complement your lifestyle regardless of the outfit you are wearing. The thick-gold tone plated bezel and case add a touch of class to the overall design.

Quartz watch movements. Just like most other SKAGEN watches, the Ancher uses the renowned Quartz watch movements which render it easy to use and very precise in timings. This Japanese system came to challenge the traditional mechanical watch movements which were demanding because they required human intervention.

Quality Materials Used. The SKAGEN Women’s Ancher Stainless Steel in Rose Gold is one of the most popular watches for women because of these two things; it’s elegant multifunctional design and its impeccable harmonization of high-quality materials.

This watch has a thick gold-plated bezel and case which not only complements the aesthetics but also enhances longevity. It also has a fully adjustable stainless steel mesh strap that feels comfortable on the wrist.

Why The SKAGEN Women’s Ancher Stainless Steel in Rose Gold is our best pick for men?…

This immaculate SKAGEN model has everything you’d want in a watch. Its simple design renders it comfortable on your wrist as you carry on with your daily activities, while the renowned Quartz movement enhances precision.

The watch is waterproof up to 100 feet and has an adjustable stainless steel mesh band which feels comfortable on the skin.

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My Luxury Pick: Skagen SKW6076 Balder

Skagen SKW6076 BalderThe SKAGEN SKW6076 Balder watch features a simple and effective design that brings together high-quality materials and innovative prowess. This Titanium case watch has an orange inner bezel and a dark gray sunray dial that not only enhances ease of use but also complements the overall design of the watch. The watch is also water-resistant up to 165 feet (50 m).

Impressive Design. Throughout the existence of SKAGEN, simplicity has remained a core value. This watch, in particular, features a simple design that blends strength and purpose flawlessly. The design complements your outfit and allows you to shift between different settings with ease. The mineral crystal dial window with a 42 mm case diameter allows for easy time-telling without attracting too much attention. This immaculate analog display watch looks and feels great on the wrist.

Adjustable Link Bracelet. The SKAGEN SKW6076 Balder watch has a sturdy, fully adjustable link bracelet that feels comfortable on the skin, allowing for comfortable extended wearing periods. The watch also has the traditional deployant clasp closure to secure it on your wrist.

The watch also utilizes the renowned Quartz watch movement, which is easy to use, precise, low maintenance, and durable. It also has a day and date window.

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My Mid-Range Pick: Skagen SKW6108 Ancher

Skagen SKW6108 AncherThe SKAGEN SKW6108 Ancher stays true to the core value of the long-standing company by offering great watch designs to meet the diverse needs of the market.

This watch features a gunmetal-plated stainless steel case and a resilient gray dial. The watch is also water-resistant up to 100 feet (30 m), which makes it suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering.

Impressive Design. However simple the design of this fashion watch might look, it surely turns heads. The minimalistic watch has sleek silvertone hour markers and a dark gray face that will complement your outfit, any day of the week. The SKW6108 Ancher also has a mineral crystal face and an impeccable 3-hand analog display.

Renowned Quartz movement. The Quartz movement system was introduced in 1969 to wade off the mechanical watch movements which required human interventions to work well. Over the years, this has proven to be a major revolution for watch owners as the Japanese Quartz system is easy to use, precise, and very durable in the long run.

The SKAGEN SKW6108 Ancher also has a resilient gunmetal-plated stainless steel mesh band with adjustable fold-over clasp closure to secure the watch on your wrist.

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My Budget Pick: Skagen Sundby Titanium

Skagen Sundby TitaniumThe SKAGEN Sundby Titanium watch features a sturdy titanium case and gunmetal-plated stainless steel mesh band with a reliable fold-over clasp closure.

The finely and tightly-grained texture makes it resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. The watch is also water-resistant up to 100 feet (30 m) and can withstand brief splashes.

Immaculate, Minimalist Design. SKAGEN watches are known for their simple, attractive designs, and the Sundby Titanium is no exception. This immaculate watch’s simple design blends brilliance and functionality in the most subtle way possible. It has a mineral crystal face and a 3-hand analog display that renders it vintage, yet very attractive.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Mesh Band. This masterpiece features a gunmetal-plated stainless steel mesh band with adjustable fold-over clasp closure, which not only allows for comfortable extended wearing periods but also makes it easy to wear the watch.

The fully adjustable mesh band also means the watch can be worn by different people regardless of their wrist size.

The SKAGEN Sundby Titanium watch features a blue dial with silver-tone hands and Arabic numerals. Also, the watch uses the renowned Quartz watch movement, which is easy to use, precise, and very durable. Sundby is the budget pick in my SKAGEN watches reviews.

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My Smartwatch Pick: Skagen Connected Falster 2

Skagen Connected Falster 2Last up in my SKAGEN watches reviews is the SKAGEN Connected Falster 2. Which embodies the true Danish warmth and ambiance with the small design and fully circular display that rests comfortably on the wrist.

This lightweight model is super sleek; a genuine design tweak meant to make you feel comfortable with the watch on. This hybrid smartwatch also features a black plated stainless steel case and a black silicone band with buckle closure, and which looks and feels great on your arm.

Fully Adjustable Silicone Band. SKAGEN Denmark went a notch higher on this model in a bid to enhance the user’s comfort with the black silicone band that feels great on the skin. The silicone band also has a buckle closure which securely holds the watch on your wrist.

The Adjustable band also renders the watch versatile as different people can use it regardless of their wrist size.

All-rounded Masterpiece. The SKAGEN Connected Falster 2 offers important features that help in your day to day life. For instance, this smartwatch allows you to track your heart rate, use GPS, Google Assistant, music storage, and control, and has a rapid charging function. The watch also offers multiple time zones, smartphone notifications, activity tracking, and is swim proof.

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History of Skagen Watches

SKAGEN watches company was founded in 1989 by Henrik and Charlotte Jorst shortly after they moved to the US from Denmark in 1986. At the time, Henrik had just been appointed as the sales manager for Carlsberg, a Danish brewery.

This transition sparked the thought to start a business as a US branch for a renowned Danish manufacturer of business gift watches and exclusive designer watches.

The couple later met with the Danish watch manufacturer, who promised to design watches for them at a lower price through his Hong-Kong based factory. After the meeting, they started designing their watches, which were later showcased at a Trade Fair in New York in 1991. The couple then thought about marketing the watches under their own brand, which they did, and picked Skagen, a coastal, fishing village in Denmark to represent their brand identity.


Where Are Skagen Watches Made?

The founding couple started by collaborating with a Danish watch designer who manufactured affordable and authentic models in a Hong-Kong company. However, after the acquisition of the brand by Fossil Group in 2012, the SKAGEN watches are now made in Fossil factories in China and other subsidiaries.


Are Skagen Watches Good?

SKAGEN Watches have something special, which gives them a competitive edge over the competitors. Away from the immaculate history of a dedicated couple that set out to revolutionize the watch connoisseurs’ world.

This brand has managed to maintain high levels of SKAGEN watch quality throughout the years. Even after the changes in ownership in 2012.

The Skagen Watches are designed to simplify your look with passionately and well-thought design ideas that emphasize on clean, streamlined, and uncluttered aesthetics. The brand has maintained its patented less-is-more approach in production, that focuses more on editing and not embellishing the design.

Versatility remains a core principle for the brand as it seeks to design watches that not only look good at any time of the day. But also ones that will remain relevant and beautiful now or over 10 years from now.

The brand also strives to simplify your day to day life by not only enhancing your look. But also complementing your lifestyle. And this could not be possible without SKAGEN Watches’ immaculate harmonization of form and function. Your life is made simpler and better through the creation of purposeful designs in the form of slimmer and less bulky cases, cleaner watch dials, among other design tweaks.


Why You Should Buy a Skagen Watch

Whether it’s the aesthetics or functionality, there are numerous reasons to buy a Skagen Watch. Here are some of the factors that set this long-standing brand apart.

  • Legendary Design: The Skagen Watches borrow not only the name of the European fishing city. But also the warm and minimalist ambiance of the smooth sea and coastal beaches. This patented, refined design has won the company numerous awards as the Skagen town inspiration continues to manifest through all the designs released. Distinguished watchmakers throughout the world have always recognized the design quality of these premium watches, which harmonize the best materials and world-class creativity.
  • Affordable Masterpiece: With the rich history, cool aesthetics, and legendary designs, you’d probably expect the SKAGEN brand to be filthy expensive. Right? Well, these watches might be fashionable and sleek, but they come with an affordable price tag as well. The SKAGEN brand uses high-end materials like titanium and rose gold to provide a classy watch that not only looks great on you. But also adds a touch of class to any outfit you pair it with.
  • Renowned Swiss Watch Movements: The Swiss Watch movements are second to none when it comes to precision. The SKAGEN Watches are assembled in the United States using Swiss parts. Which when coupled with the renowned Swiss Watch movements form an indomitable partnership- another reason you should consider adding a Skagen watch to your collection.
  • Different Shapes and Designs: In a world where everyone has a unique taste and preference, it would only be fair to produce classy watches that appeal to every group. At SKAGEN, the watches are available in a variety of colors and designs to meet the vast needs of the market. Despite the long history in the watchmaking industry, this reputable brand has remained true to its purpose and impeccably captures the warm essence of Denmark in a simple, unclogged manner.


Skagen Watch Maintenance Tips

Just like any other watch model, proper maintenance is the key to enhancing the aesthetics and longevity of your purchase. SKAGEN watches, especially feature immaculate designs and I bet you don’t want to lose the unique look because of poor care. Do you? Well, here are some of the maintenance tips to enhance longevity and maintain the glamorous look of your SKAGEN watch.

1. Stay away from water

While a good number of the SKAGEN watches are waterproof, there’s always a limit to what you can do with the watch in the water. Most of the models are suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering, but long hours of snorkeling will definitely affect the longevity of the watch.

We’d recommend taking the watch off whenever you plan to spend extended periods in the water, and your new gem will be around for a good amount of time.

2. Use the recommended cleaning agents.

Whether your SKAGEN watchband is metal mesh, leather, or rubber, you’ll have to clean it regularly to keep it looking better. To clean the metal and crystal surfaces, make sure you use the recommended 3:1 solution of ammonia-based window cleaner to water or 4:1 solution of rubbing alcohol to water. Both solutions evaporate after cleaning for a shiny, immaculate after look.

To clean the metal and crystal case;

  • Moisten a soft, clean cloth with either of the solutions and gently wipe the crystal and case.
  • Avoid putting too much pressure on the case and crystal while cleaning
  • Avoid submerging the watch in the cleaning solution

To clean a metal strap;

  • Make sure you cover the case of the watch before you start cleaning to avoid soaking it
  • Gently rub a cotton swab soaked in the recommended solution and a soft-bristle toothbrush for intricate mesh bands

For silicon straps;

  • Use a clean, soft, damp cloth to wipe off any dirt
  • Avoid using soap and solvents as they might damage the material

For leather strap;

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the straps
  • Use a leather conditioner or hand lotion once in a while to maintain the leather’s suppleness
  • Avoid extended exposure to sunlight

Sunlight can fade the bright color of your watch, especially the crystal, which in turn affects its look. The heat from direct exposure to sunlight may also shorten your battery life. So, during my SKAGEN reviews, I found its best to make sure you don’t leave your watch exposed to the sun for extended periods.

3. Store the watch in a clean, cool, dry place

Whenever you’re not wearing your SKAGEN watch, store it in the box you bought it in. The watch boxes are usually well designed to keep the watch safe by offering protection to reduce the possibility of scratching it.

4. Avoid contact with corrosive chemicals

Chemicals such as perfume, cleaning supplies, and cologne should be avoided at all costs. Perfumes and colognes, in particular, damage leather straps by weakening them and causing them to tear. Make sure you wear your watch, only after the perfume is completely dry on your skin (During my SKAGEN watches reviews I found it best with wearing the watch at the last step of getting ready.)

5. Read your SKAGEN watch’s manual

Regardless of the model, every SKAGEN watch will have specific maintenance tips that are unique to it. For this reason, make sure you read the manual to be conversant with your watch’s water resistance degree, the cleaning do’s and don’ts, and other tips to enhance longevity and maintain the aesthetic appeal.


Skagen Warranty

Regardless of the nature of the product you’re buying, the warranty remains an important aspect. So, make sure you buy your favorite SKAGEN watch from a person who can stand by their product.

  • All products in this SKAGEN watch reviews are protected by an international SKAGEN warranty limited to 2 years.
  • This warranty covers defects caused by faulty material and is subject to normal conditions of use.
  • In case the defects are covered by the SKAGEN warranty, the service center may charge for postage and handling (only people from California are exempted because no postage is charged)
  • Servicing and repair of the watch will take 2-4 weeks (US) and 4-6 weeks (Canada)

Unfortunately, the SKAGEN warranty does not cover the following;

  • Damage caused by poor care, accidents, and normal wear and tear
  • The Battery, Exposed crystals, Glass, Straps, and other embellishments

SKAGEN watches have a good number of dealers and service centers which are always ready to attend to your queries.

If you’re not sure of where to take your SKAGEN watch for repairs or service, check out this list of SKAGEN authorized Service centers.


Best Skagen Watches Reviews: Conclusions

To sum it up, the rise of SKAGEN watches to stardom is definitely one that signifies the spirit of determination and perseverance. From a small subsidiary to one of the most complete brands still in operation, the progress is indisputable.

So, whether you are looking for a simple, classic watch to complement your lifestyle or a high-end smartwatch to help you monitor your heart rate and so much more, SKAGEN has something for everyone. This SKAGEN watches reviews details everything you need to know to help you pick the right gem depending on your specific needs.

Please use the information I’ve detailed for each of the watches and go with the one that resonates with your situation the most. It’s our hope that this guide helps you to make an informed decision.



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In closing, I hope my best SKAGEN watches reviews was helpful when making your choice. But let me tell you there are plenty of other things to consider when you’re buying your first watch. I recommend that you look around my site to learn about some frequent mistakes to avoid when buying your timepiece.

If you have any further questions about my Skagen watches reviews, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail using the contact form.