10 Best Watches For Teenagers (Boys & Girls)

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As a teenager, I always wanted the coolest gadgets on the market for the sole purpose of looking trendy and standing out from the crowd. The essential need to remain cool and flashy makes finding a great watch for teenagers a challenge.

And just like everyone else, teenagers have different tastes and preferences, which makes the process more elaborate.

Teenagers have a limited budget, which means you’ll have to match style and affordability to appeal to them. And with the vast improvements in technology, the watch industry has metamorphosed to include new design upgrades that resonate with the young generation.

Remember, having a wristwatch is a form of ‘initiation’ into adulthood. And if you’re a timepiece enthusiast, you’ll love the selection I have for you.


Table: My Best Watches For Teenagers (Boys & Girls)

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My Picks of Teenage Watches For Boys & Girls

First and foremost, let’s shed light on some of the best watches for teenage boys and girls. I have done my best to be thorough and unbiased with the reviews to give you a first-hand experience of what it feels to have one of these gems on your wrist. So, here are some cool watches for teenagers I think you should check out;

My Pick As Best Watch for Teen Boys: Seiko 5 Automatic 4.6 out of 5 stars

Seiko 5 Automatic

The Seiko 5 Automatic features an elegant, minimalist design that not only looks great on the wrist. But also adds a touch of class to your style regardless of the outfit you pair it with. It also has a blue dial with day/date windows, luminous sword-shaped hands, and textured off-center crown.

Automatic Self-Winding Movements. Also known as automatic movement, the watch harnesses energy from the natural movement of the wearer’s wrist. This makes it a favorite timepiece for many watch enthusiasts as it eliminates the need for constant manual winding. Just wear your watch regularly and it will keep running on its own. Furthermore, the watch uses the installed rotors which are connected to the movements. And can rotate freely to harness the energy. With each movement of the wrist, the rotors spin and transfer the energy to the mainspring for automatic winding.

Quality Materials Used. The Seiko 5 Automatic features a stainless steel body and a resilient canvas band. The 37mm stainless steel watch case is sturdy enough to tackle external aggressors while the patented hardlex dial window allows for easy time-telling. Seiko’s use of carefully selected materials goes a long way in promoting longevity and enhancing low maintenance.

Adjustable Straps. This cutting edge timepiece features canvas straps with buckle closure to allow for the necessary adjustments. It feels comfortable on the wrist and can accommodate different wrist sizes. Also, the Seiko 5 Automatic is water-resistant up to 30m (100 feet), which makes it suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering.

Why the Seiko 5 Automatic my picks as the best watches for teens boys…?

This stunning watch is the best timepiece you’ll get with such a great combination of features and an affordable price. The watch features a minimalist design with a blue dial, luminous hands. And a sleek stainless steel case. It boasts of self-winding movements that eliminate the need for daily winding for it to run. And it’s water-resistant up to 30 meters. The hardlex dial window is resilient and makes time telling blissful. And the canvas straps feel comfortable on the skin featuring a buckle closure to safely secure the watch on your wrist.

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My Luxury Watch for Teenage Boys: Hugo Boss 4.4 out of 5 stars

Hugo Boss Men's Classic watch 1512958

The Hugo Boss Men’s Stainless Steel is the perfect catch for teenage boys looking to fork a few more dollars for extra class and finesse. First and foremost, it has a modern and clean look which is complemented by the black plated case, a black dial, and an adjustable bracelet. It also has a durable mineral crystal that protects the watch from scratches.

Impressive Design. Just like other Hugo Boss youths watches, this watch features a minimalist design that harmonizes functionality and precision flawlessly. This reliable timepiece features a 44 mm black plated case, a black dial window, and white hands which blend well to give you a casual yet classy look. Furthermore, the mineral crystal dial window allows for easy time-telling without importuning too much attention. Additionally, the immaculate analog display watch looks and feels great on the wrist.

Adjustable Link Bracelet. This boys dress watch has an adjustable black plated bracelet which can accommodate different wrist sizes. The sturdy link band feels comfortable on the skin, allowing for comfortable, extended wearing periods. It also has the conventional buckle clasp to secure it on the wrist.

Renowned Quartz watch movements. Introduced in 1969, the Japanese Quartz movement came to wade off the conventional mechanical watch movements that were not only outdated but also hectic to use. These movements render the Hugo Boss Men’s Classic watch durable, easy to use, and more accurate. Unlike the previous movements, the Quartz system is a low maintenance option. And very resilient because there are few moving parts involved. It’s also water-resistant up to 165 feet, which makes it suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering.

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My Budget Watch for Teenage Boys: Timex Todd Snyder 3.5 out of 5 stars

Timex Todd Snyder

The Timex Todd Snyder is the perfect addition to your workout adventure. Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, or just trying to get in shape, this lightweight and easy-to-read watch comes with a host of functions that will keep you up to date on your pace and exercise progress. It features 100-lap memory recall and allows you to store your workouts with the chronograph watch training log.

Renowned Quartz Watch Movements. Just like most other Timex watches, the Todd Snyder employs the renowned Quartz watch movements which are known for precision and accuracy. This Japanese system renders the watch very durable and low maintenance because there are few moving parts. Unlike the conventional mechanical system, this one doesn’t need human intervention to run, which further enhances its accuracy.

Indiglo Light-up Watch Dial. The Watch features the patented Timex Indiglo light-up dial which coupled with the large mineral crystal window makes it extra easy to tell time. The watch also has a customizable alarm and interval training timer which makes it an ideal training partner.

Water Resistance. The Timex  is water-resistant up to 200m water depth (660 feet), which makes it ideal for swimming and snorkeling. It has a resin bracelet that feels comfortable on the skin. And a buckle clasp to secure the watch.

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My Smartwatch Watch for Teen Boys: Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3

Just as you’d expect with Apple products, the Apple Watch Series 3 features a sleek yet sturdy design. It has a strong aluminum case and Ion-X strengthened glass that not only looks amazing but also protects the watch from scratches. The minimalist look harmonizes high-quality materials and patented technology to provide you with a glorious timepiece.

The Perfect Workout Partner. The Apple Watch Series 3 features important design tweaks and features meant to help you track your pace and exercise progress seamlessly. The built-in GPS, optical heart sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope work together to track your steps and exercise routine, and can be customized to give you specific results based on your exercise targets.

Water-Resistant. Just like any other training watch, the Apple Watch Series 3 is water-resistant up to 50m (165 feet) which makes it a master on land and in the water. It also boasts of a long-lasting battery (up to 18 hours), 8GB capacity, and a very useful Barometric altimeter.

Other features include;

  • Powerful dual-core processor
  • Composite back
  • Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Watch OS 5

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Another Good Watch for Teen Boys: Casio Men’s G-Shock Atomic

Casio Men's Atomic Watch

The Casio G-Shock Atomic watch is a solar-powered multifunction timepiece with full auto EL backlight and a total of 31 different world time zones. Born from a dream of creating a watch that never breaks, the G-Shock watch is built to resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. This sporty watch is built to push the capabilities of the wristwatch to the limit and has won approval from the military, surfers, and active-outdoor enthusiasts.

Renowned Quartz Movement with Digital Display. Ever since the introduction of the legendary Japanese watch movements in 1969, Casio has used this low maintenance system to enhance precision and accuracy. Unlike the preceding mechanical system, Quartz doesn’t require human intervention which makes it less vulnerable to breakdown and very durable. The Japanese system enhances easy time telling and renders the watch easy to operate.

Adjustable Resin Band with Buckle Closure. The watch has a pair of comfortable resin bands that feel comfortable on the skin, making it ideal for extended wearing periods. It also has a sturdy buckle closure that secures it on the wrist.

Minimalist, Sleek Design. The Casio Men’s G-shock is one of the best teen watches and features a sleek, simple design that does not feel overwhelming on the wrist. The 46 mm resin case with mineral dial window blend well and add a sporty feel to your look. It’s water-resistant up to 200m (660 feet), which makes it ideal for professional marine activity and surface water sports. Additional functions include a 1/100 sec stopwatch and countdown timer.

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My Pick As Best Watch for Teenage Girls: Swatch Rose Glistar 4.5 out of 5 stars

Swatch Rose Glistar

The Swatch Rose Glistar features a simple, flawless design that harmonizes excellence and style. The round watch with a metallic-tone dial has luminescent hands, a plastic dial window that makes it easy to read the time, and a silicone band that feels comfortable on the wrist.

Renowned Quartz Watch Movements. The watch boasts of the legendary Japanese Quartz movement that renders it easy to use and very durable. The system was introduced to replace the archaic mechanical movements that required human intervention to run. The battery-powered Quartz model has fewer moving parts which makes the watch low maintenance and very precise in time-telling.

High-Quality Build. The Swatch Pink Glistar features a 25 mm plastic case with a resilient plastic window that protects the watch from scratches. It also has flexible and sparkling silicone bands which are not only easy to clean and maintain but also very comfortable on your skin. The watch is water-resistant up to 30m (100 feet), which makes it suitable for short periods of recreational swimming and showering.

Adjustable Silicone Band. This incredible watch features a sparkling silicone band with buckle closure. The band can be adjusted to fit different wrist sizes and the buckle closure holds the watch securely on your wrist.

Why the Swatch Pink Glistar is the best watch for teenage girls…?

Powered by the renowned Quartz watch movements, this timepiece goes beyond just telling time. It features a round flawless design with a metallic-tone dial that solidifies Swatch’s goal of providing unique, colorful, and innovative timepieces, affordably. The sparkling pink silicone band adds a dash of class to your look regardless of the outfit you pick. The watch also has a scratch-resistant acrylic crystal and is water-resistant up to 30m.

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My Luxury Watch for Teenage Girls: Michael Kors Runway Mercer

Michael Kors Runway Mercer

The Michael Kors Runway Mercer watch is the perfect option for ladies who want to make a fashion statement without overspending. It features an attractive stainless steel case with a glowing mineral dial window that renders it easy to read. The gold-tone, minimalist look with tonal dial brings chronograph functions on board.

Japanese Quartz Movement with Analog Display. This luxurious timepiece uses the easy-to-use Quartz watch movements that date back to the famous 1969 crisis. The battery-powered movements don’t require human intervention which means make the watch low maintenance and very durable. This watch movement model also does away with the daily manual winding to keep it running.

High-quality Materials. The watch has a sturdy and glossy gold-tone, stainless steel case with a mineral dial window and an adjustable band. The flawless harmonization of the high-quality facets into one masterpiece makes the watch not only appealing to the eye but also very durable.

The watch also has a sturdy stainless steel bracelet that’s fully adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes. The bracelet also has a fancy closure to hold the watch securely on your wrist. It feels comfortable on the skin, which is a plus when buying a watch that you intend to be wearing for extended periods.

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My Budget Watch for Teenage Girls: Fossil Virginia

Fossil Virginia

The Fossil Virginia is a unique timepiece from this long-standing watchmaker that seeks to get the best out of the wristwatch. This magnificent watch boasts of a simple yet sleek look with the signature round stainless steel case with crystal detail at bezel.

It also has a stainless steel bracelet with crystal detail and jewelry clasp closure, interchangeable with all Fossil 7mm watch straps. The simple, modernized look blends well with your outfit giving you the much-needed edge.

Japanese Quartz Movement. The watch uses the effective and easy-to-use quartz watch movements which have been in use since the ‘70s. The battery-powered watch movements model eliminates the tiring manual winding. Also, the system has few moving parts which renders it low maintenance and very durable.

Fully Adjustable Stainless Steel Bracelet. Furthermore, the watch has a sturdy stainless steel bracelet with crystal detail and jewelry clasp closure. This fully adjustable bracelet comfortably accommodates different wrist sizes and feels comfortable on the skin. Which is a plus when buying a watch.

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My Smartwatch Watch for Teenage Girls: Garmin vívomove HR

Garmin vívomove HR

The Vivomove HR blends the physical and digital aspects perfectly. The lightweight timepiece allows you to easily check your heart rate, calories burnt, and start an activity timer anytime you wish. This amazing smartwatch can also estimate your stress levels, send notifications, act as a music remote, and show local weather.

The Vivomove HR has a steel bezel finish on the upper side and a plastic backside. The LED display comes to life when you double-tap the watch or raise your hand.

Swim ready, with a 5-day battery. Furthermore, it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it both shower and swim-ready. The watch is charged using a simple clip-on dongle on the side, and a full charge will last up to six and a half days. Once the power is depleted, the analog watch elements will still work, but you won’t be able to record and track your fitness.

Activity Tracking and Monitoring- Vivomove HR is designed to complement your look and help you feel good. It features fitness monitoring tools that are displayed on the sleek LED screen giving you an insight on your fitness levels. Through the wrist heart rate monitor, you can get a VO2 max estimate.

The smartwatch also helps you to track your stress patterns throughout the day. Making it possible to identify the activities or situations that trigger different emotions. Thanks to all-day stress tracking, you can be able to manage your stress and work your way through it.

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Another Good Watch for Teenage Girls: Casio Baby-G Marine Series

Casio Baby-G Slim Marine Series

The Casio Baby-G Marine Series features a resin band and case that not only looks impressive on the wrist but also feels comfortable on the skin. What makes it to special is the watch also has a resilient stainless steel bezel that harmonizes its different components for a modernized sturdy look.

Renowned Quartz Movement with Analog & Digital Display. As an innovation meant to demystify the process of watchmaking and enhance the ease of use, the Quartz watch movements enhance precision and accuracy. BGA110-7B, in particular, has stayed true to the company’s mission of harmonizing product innovation and modernizing the design to produce affordable timepieces.

Unlike the preceding mechanical system, Quartz doesn’t require human intervention which makes it less vulnerable to breakdown and thus very durable. The Japanese system enhances easy time telling and renders the watch easy to operate.

Furthermore, the watch has a pair of comfortable resin bands that feel comfortable on the skin. Making it ideal for extended wearing periods. It also has a sturdy buckle closure that secures it on the wrist.

Additionally, the Casio Baby-G Marine Series has an LED light with Afterglow, 29 time zones, 5 daily alarms (4 one-time alarms and 1 snooze alarm), Hourly Time Signal, 1 second stopwatch Countdown Timer. And a Full Auto Calendar (pre-programmed until 2099).

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Popular Watches for Teenagers Brands

Regardless of your budget, there’s always something for everyone. This guide will delve into some of the best timepieces that harmonize all the traits of teenagers into a classic masterpiece. Here are some of the popular watches for teenage boys and girls brands;


SEIKO is a world-renowned watchmaker from Japan with a long-standing history in the watchmaking industry. Having opened its operations in 1881, the brand started as Kintaro Hattori’s watch and clock repair shop which later transitioned into the Seikosha factory for wall clocks. The company later created the first Japanese wristwatch, Laurel in 1910. In what would turn out to be one of the largest watchmaking brands. And what is now known as Seiko, a Japanese word for exquisite or success.

The Laurel wristwatch came at a time when pocket watches were still popular, in what was a bold move by the watch for teens brand to introduce change. And play the role of a pacesetter in the diverse timepiece world. During this time, the Swiss watchmakers were dominating the timepiece market. And Seiko really had to fold its sleeves to take a piece of the action and get the recognition as a world-class watchmaking entity.

Around the 1960s, the Seiko brand took notice of the fine craftsmanship involved in the production of Swiss watches, in a move meant to bridge the gap and learn a thing or two. And having made a name as a utility-focused brand, introducing the fine case and display designs would be a great move towards delivering an all-round timepiece.

This came to reality with the launch of the Grand Seiko line with strict specifications and improvements made to get the new name. The refurbished brand was created to make a mark in the ever-changing watchmaking world and position Seiko as a serious contender. Not long after the launch, the company received recognition in the Neuchatel Observatory Competition in 1967. Since then, Seiko has maintained strict quality control measures. And constantly pushed boundaries to become one of the elite timepiece houses ever.


Timex is a long-standing American watchmaking firm recognized around the world as an affordable watch option. The company started as a US defense system bomb fuse maker. And later transitioned to produce affordable and durable timepieces for mass consumption. The watchmaker is also known for the use of patented Indiglo technology, a night-light innovation built to enhance night readability. The flexibility of enhancing the wearer’s night readability. And being discreet when necessary makes the technology a priority for Timex.

The main goal of Timex was to harmonize two factors of production that didn’t look like they could ever exist together in the timepiece industry- affordability and durability. The brand collaborated with the Ironman competition, a brutal triathlon that pushes athletes beyond their limits, to develop a brand focused on getting the best out of your wristwatch. The famed partnership worked towards developing a wristwatch that can survive water and shock while providing the athlete with the necessary tools like chronograph and stopwatch.

Today, Timex has been involved in numerous partnerships with renowned designer labels like Versace and Salvatore Ferragamo, which makes it a key player in the diverse world of watchmaking.


Swatch is a worldwide renowned watchmaker. Based in Bienne (Biel) Switzerland, a country known for its precision and finesse in the production of timepieces. The unique, colorful, and innovative watch designs have helped the brand position itself at the pinnacle of the world of teen watches.

The firm was founded in 1983 by Dr. Nicholas G. Hayek (1928-2010) who together with a team of designers set out to produce a watch with fewer components than the traditional mechanical watches. The new design which was baptized Swatch (coined from the words second watch) took the world by storm in what would later be one of the best timepieces on the market. Hayek also spearheaded the design of the world’s thinnest wristwatch at the time, the Concord Delirium.

And coming after the famed 1970’s quartz crisis, Swatch set out to produce affordable wristwatches for young adults that harmonized style and functionality. The history and metamorphosis of this brand is one that teaches perseverance, ingenuity. And overcoming hurdles in the quest to produce affordable, yet quality timepieces. The success of the company restored Switzerland’s position as a major player in the timepiece world. And helped to place the brand in a position where it’s a one-stop-shop for fun and colorful teenage watches across different age groups.


Founded in 1853, Tissot is a family-owned watchmaking firm started by Charles Félicien Tissot and his son Charles Émile Tissot in Le Locle, Switzerland. The son left for Russia in 1858 and succeeded in selling the Savonnette pocket watches across the Russian empire. The firm later merged with Omega to form the prestigious Tissot-Omega partnership which went on to produce some of the most sought-after timepieces.

Tissot was used as the official timekeeper in famous tournaments like the 1938 downhill skiing in Switzerland, Villars-Sur-Ollon Ski races in 1938, and the Davis Cup in 1957. The firm became a subsidiary of the Swiss Swatch Group in 1983, the largest watch distributor in the world. Today, it’s still headquartered in Le Locle, Switzerland. And has a market reach of 160+ countries around the world.

Ever since its inception, Swatch has been involved in major sports around the world including motorcycling, cycling, fencing, ice hockey, among others. The firm was also a major sponsor of Formula One teams Sauber, Renault, and Lotus. The brand works with various sporting bodies to provide customized systems that generate accurate timings and performance data. And with the recently unveiled ‘Tissot, This is Your Time’ campaign; the company seeks to continue producing cool watches for teenage guys that relate to your everyday life.


While Casio was founded in 1946, the manufacture of wristwatches didn’t start until 1974 during the heat of the famed Quartz crisis. The firm which is headquartered in Japan boasts of producing the world’s first watch with an automatic digital calendar, the Casiotron digital watch. One of the best digital watches for teens. And though the company has enjoyed success in the electronics world, nothing beats the iconic launch of the most famous Casio watch, the G-Shock.

Furthermore, Casio G-Shock watches are one of the most popular timepieces on the market. Achieving collectible status and worn by A-list celebrities. This line has grown to include different styles and sizes. And even several limited editions. The DW-500C was the first G-Shock watch debuted in 1983, a time where the shift was on thin compact designs. The tough, utilitarian, and sporty design appealed to the US market. Especially because it also came with an affordable price point.

Today, the watches for teens boys has positioned itself at the helm of the pecking order. And boasts of a wide range of affordable and quality watches that appeal to the different age groups.


Fossil was founded by Tom Kartsotis, a former Texas A&M University student living in Dallas, Texas as Overseas Products International. The idea which was suggested by Kosta Kartsotis, an older brother, involved in importing retail goods from the Far East, specifically moderately-priced fashion watches. In an attempt to establish a Swiss presence, Fossil purchased and reinvigorated the Zodiac watches teen brand from Genender International in 2001 for $4.7 million. Later in 2004, the firm purchased Michele Watch company to complete a cycle meant to offer high-end Swiss watches with a designer flair.

Furthermore, Fossil has design studios in Biel, Switzerland, manufacturing companies in China. And distribution centers in Germany, Dallas, and Asia. The company purchased Skagen Designs Limited in 2012 for approximately $236.8 million and Misfit in 2013 for $260 million. This was a move meant to introduce the Misfit technology to the traditionally-designed timepieces.


Founded in 1997, Nixon is an American watch brand stationed in Encinitas, California, and whose target market is the youth lifestyle. The firm started off by selling their watches teenage via independent retailers. But now maintains stand-alone retail stores in California, Melbourne, Kuta, Bondi, Australia, and Bali.

Furthermore, the company started as a partnership between Laats and DiNenna. A former snowboard product manager at Burton and publisher at TransWorld Media respectively. The duo raised close to $1 million from venture capitalists to start the firm, which kicked off with 7 models that were sold through 200 retailers. Nixon opened a subsidiary in France in 2000 and had 90+ models by 2005 with an annual sale growth of 55%.

Today, Nixon is a household name with numerous watches for teenage boys and girls that are affordable and very durable.


Best Watches For Teenagers: Conclusions

In conclusion, teenagers want to look trendy and sporty more than other age groups. The need to stand out and look cool makes the process of finding the ideal watch for a teenager more elaborate and extensive. However, the secret lies in successfully harmonizing quality, physical appeal.

And, just like they do with other products like clothing, young people have watch teen brands they trust and envy. And with more watch companies producing pieces that appeal to the youth lifestyle, there’s a wide selection to choose from.

In this article, I’ve looked into some of the popular brands as well as a few timepieces that meet the dynamic needs of teenagers. And while the pricing and functions may vary, all the watches in the guide are top-quality pieces that will induce the missing edge in your lifestyle.

In closing, I hope that the information helps you to make an informed decision.




I hope my teenage watch review was helpful when making your choice. But let me tell you there are plenty of other things to consider when you’re buying your first watch. I recommend that you look around my site to learn about some frequent mistakes to avoid when buying your timepiece. If you have any further questions about my review, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail using the contact form.