My Ultimate Wooden Watch Review (With My 8 Best Wooden Watch Picks)

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As we continue to live in an era of smartphones and wearables, watches have become less important in terms of must-have accessories.

However, wearing an elegant watch adds a touch of class to any ensemble, while complementing your outfit flawlessly.

And with the first-ever wristwatch having been made in 1868 by Patek Philippe, more manufacturers have come forward to spearhead some of the best watch designs we’ve seen yet.

Wooden watches, in particular, have become popular over the past few years, not only because of their unique and sophisticated designs, but also because of their ability to effortlessly blend in with your skin tone.

These lightweight watches feel comfortable on the wrist, and their eco-friendly aspect makes them appealing.

Also, wooden watches are an amazing substitute for those people who are allergic to metal, plastic, and silicone watches.

And in a time where every one of the latest wearable technology gadgets is generic and sterile, wooden watches are winning with their classic touch of class and unique natural wood design.

8 Best Wooden Watches In 2021

Over the past few years, wooden watches have gained popularity mostly because of their unique design, but also how easily they are paired with any outfit.

And with so many high-end timepiece companies getting into the wooden watch industry, there are numerous options to choose from. For this reason, I’ve decided to look into the 8 best wooden watches on the market.

So without further ado, let’s jump into my 2021 wooden watch review, starting with my top pick from Treehut:

My Pick As Best Wooden Watch for Men: Treehut Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash 4.6 out of 5 stars

Treehut Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash

The Treehut Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash is made of natural Olive ash burl and Zebrawood, and this combination yields a lightweight, unique dark brown masterpiece that is durable and weather resistant.

The watch feels comfortable on the skin and will blend perfectly with your skin tone. And the contrasting color from the two different types of wood gives the watch an exceptionally appealing masculine look.

Fully Adjustable Wood Band. The Treehut features a resilient, flexible zebrawood band. It expands up to 8.5 inches and is extra comfortable on the wrist. You can also customize the wooden band using the easy to use screwed pins that can be adjusted by your jeweler.

Durable and Weather Resistant. The Olive ash and Zebra woods are masterpiece makers ‘hot cakes’ as they are very easy to craft and very resistant to extreme weather conditions. Both types of wood are finely textured with closely linked grains that will withstand some of the worst environments. The watch also features a stainless steel tri-fold clasp that’s rust-resistant.

Impeccable Design. This watch has to be the most elegant and unique wooden watch ever made. The simple style is distinctive, especially with the flawless blend of two of the industry’s best wood types that produces a patented masterpiece. This watch will blend with any outfit you go for without crowding your wrist.

Why the Treehut Classic Zebrawood Olive Ash is the best wooden watch for men…

This reliable watch combines the tenacity and resilience of two of the best wood types for a final product that’s not only aesthetically appealing but water-resistant. It’s very durable, hypoallergenic, adjustable, user-friendly, and features the renowned Miyota quartz watch movement- the most consistent in the industry.

All this makes this amazing product the overall winner in my wooden watch review!

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My Pick As Best Wooden Watch for Women: Treehut Theory Rose Gold Pink Marble 4.4 out of 5 stars

Treehut Theory Rose Gold Pink Marble wooden watch

The Theory Rose Gold Pink Marble is made of pure natural Olivewood, which is light-colored and very durable.

This attractive wood is also used in culinary art and musical instruments like guitars and violins. The wood is easy to craft and resistant to extreme weather conditions, which explains why watchmakers adore it very much. Depending on the age of the Olivewood at the time the watch is made, the color may vary a bit.

Completely Hypoallergenic Material. The Olivewood is free of any toxic chemicals, which makes it ideal for people who are allergic to metal, plastic, or silicone watches. Being completely hypoallergenic, you can relax as you need not worry about your skin getting irritated by the watch.

Fully Adjustable Bands. The watch features a sturdy 14 mm rose gold stainless steel mesh band that can be adjusted up to 8.75 inches. This opens up the watch to a wider market range as it can fit any wrist size perfectly.

Simple, elegant style. This reliable watch is designed to meet the diverse needs of the ladies. It features a natural pink marble stone dial with a sloped rose gold marker. The soft, appealing Olive wood feels comfortable on the skin and is fully adjustable to customize your style. The Watch also features the Miyota quartz movement, which is considered to be the most reliable in the timepiece industry.

Why the Treehut Theory Rose is the best wooden watch for women…

This elegant masterpiece was designed to complement the outfit of the lady with its alluring visual appeal. It features a simple yet elegant design and Olivewood which is hypoallergenic and very durable.

It also uses the renowned Miyota quartz movement to add precision and finesse to the piece. And the flower beige face makes it more attractive. All this makes the Treehut one of the finest women’s wooden watches on the market today.

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My Premium Pick: JORD Sawyer Series

JORD Sawyer SeriesThe JORD Sawyer Series is made of 100% natural Zebrawood. The attractive striped wavy appearance makes it stand out from the other types of wood. And while this type of wood might not be the easiest to manipulate during crafting because of its uneven patterns, it makes one of the most elegant and durable watches.

Resilient, Durable Watch. The designers of this watch focused on delivering resilience and functionality in the JORD Sawyer Series. The finely and tightly-grained texture makes the watch resistant to the most extreme weather conditions. And while we wouldn’t recommend leaving it out on a rainy day, this watch will last for long when maintained well.

Impressive Design. This watch features a simple design that blends strength and purpose flawlessly. The design encompasses sustainably sourced West African Zebrawood, a sapphire crystal glass, automatic Citizen movement, and a hand-polished finish that culminates this brilliance. Also, the watch features battery-free timekeeping, a dual-locking buckle, and a reinforced clasp to allow for easy customization of the adjustable wood bands.

Adjustable Wood Bracelets. The JORD Sawyer Series features a pair of fully adjustable wood bands and a reinforced clasp to securely hold them in place. The wooden bands can be adjusted up to 8.5 inches, which means that this impressive watch can comfortably accommodate any wrist size. And the wood links are secured together with sturdy removable metal pins.

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My Mid-Range Pick: LAiMER Men’s Wooden Watch Black Edition

LAiMER Men's Wooden Watch Black EditionThe LAiMER Men’s Wooden Watch is made of 100% natural Sandalwood, a heavy, finely-grained piece of wood that’s able to maintain its aromatic qualities for decades. This explains why it’s also used to make skin nourishing oils. The Black version of the Sandalwood is resilient, appealing, and very resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Impeccable Design. Located in Lana, Italy, home to the most prestigious and premium wood watches, there’s nothing more to expect other than the very best. The LAiMER Men’s Wooden Watch Black Edition mergers boldness and functionality. This precious timepiece introduces you to the sophisticated Italian lifestyle delightfully. The unique style encompasses a wooden case and straps, and stainless steel clasp and crown. These two materials blend perfectly for a classy, luminous look.

Precision at its Best. This immaculate masterpiece features the renowned Miyota watch movements engraved in a water-resistant (3ATM) mineral crystal dial window. The watch designers also have a special spot for environmental protection, which can be seen in their 100% reclamation of wood used to make the watches. All this makes the LAiMER one of the best wood watches for men.

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My Budget Pick: Treehut Classic Ebony Theo Blue


Treehut Classic Ebony Theo Blue

The Classic Ebony Theo Blue is made of 100% natural Ebony Wood. This exotic, hand-crafted watch is finely-grained and able to maintain its aromatic qualities for decades.

Unique Lightweight Design. The cuddly, smooth Ebony wood feels comfortable on the wrist and is aesthetically appealing, especially when paired with the right outfit. The simple yet impressive style will blissfully blend with almost all of your outfits, to comfortably bring the best in you.

The flawless harmonization of vitality and functionality in this wooden watch gives it a touch of pure class that will look great on your wrist.

Fully Adjustable Wood Bands. The wooden watch features a pair of wooden bracelets to hold it securely on the wrist. It has a folding clasp that allows you to easily customize the bands to fit your wrist perfectly. The wooden bands can be adjusted up to 7.01 inches making it easy to fit people with different wrist sizes.

Precision Masters. The watch features the renowned Japanese Miyota 2035 watch movements to enhance precision. It also has an impeccable splash-resistant glass window and a durable battery that promises up to 36 months of life. All this makes the Treehut not just a great choice for men, but also one of the best wooden watches for women.

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Also Worth Mentioning #1: JORD Conway Series

JORD Conway SeriesNext up in my wooden watch review is the JORD Conway Series made of 100% Walnut wood, one of the most used types of wood to make watches.

It’s resilient and very durable, especially when well maintained. The hues of deep original grain texture in the wood allow for easy crafting of this immaculate masterpiece.

Impeccable Design. It features more than just a skeleton of Walnut wood- high tenacity stainless metal clips, a jet black dial surround, and white and copper blooming hands. The unique collection of high-end materials blend perfectly to deliver an incredible timepiece that represents magnificent power and flawless functionality.

Fully Adjustable Wooden Bracelet. This masterpiece features a pair of cuddly, secure wood bands that feel comfortable on the wrist. The wood links are connected with stainless steel clips while a reinforced clasp secures the bands. The adjustable wood bracelets can be extended up to 8.5 inches making it accommodative of different wrist sizes. The dual locking deployment buckle renders the watch easy to use.

Precision Timing. The JORD Conway series features the renowned CITIZEN Miyota quartz movement and a luxurious, tough sapphire glass window to enhance the precision. This transparent glass is optically clear, scratch-resistant, and very durable.

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Also Worth Mentioning #2: We Wood Kardo Chocolate Natural Wood

We Wood Kardo Chocolate Natural WoodWeWOOD Kardo is made of natural walnut wood, which is the most used type to make watches. It’s resistance to extreme weather conditions and rich dark color combines style and functionality flawlessly. The wood is easily crafted into the amazing shape that has been luring people to get this masterpiece.

Completely Hypoallergenic. It’s free of toxic chemicals, which makes it skin-friendly and comfortable on your wrist. The Walnut wood rests well on your skin and will never cause you any irritations. This makes it an ideal alternative for people who develop allergic reactions with other materials like metal, plastic, or silicone

Fully Adjustable Wooden Bands. This immaculate watch features a set of soft, secure bracelets that feel comfortable on the wrist without straining your skin. The wood links are steadily connected with stainless steel pins while a dual-locking buckle makes it easy to use the watch. The wooden bands can be adjusted up to 8.75 inches making the watch very accommodative of different wrist sizes.

Hardened Mineral Glass. In my WeWood watch review, I paid close attention to the resilient, scratch-resistant glass that enhances the experience with undisrupted time reading. Also, the watch uses the renowned Miyota 6P22 quartz movement which enhance the precision and accuracy. Finally, the 8mm thick and 41.5 mm wide case complements your style impeccably without crowding the wrist.

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Bonus Bamboo Watch: Treehut Bamboo Watch

Treehut Classic Nova

Last in my wooden watch review is Treehut Bamboo Watch that’s made of the fast-growing bamboo wood, which is environmentally conscious.

The soft-textured, lightweight bamboo wood feels comfortable on the wrist, and will never cause any irritation to the skin. The designers harmonized power and functionality is the most incredible way in this masterpiece that promises more than just time telling- a unique design that will blend perfectly with your style.

The unisex design of the Treehut has also made it one of the most popular ladies wooden watches on the market today.

Precision and Accuracy. It features the renowned Japanese quartz analog movement to promote lasting precision. The Miyota watch movement enhances time telling accuracy with a durable battery that guarantees up to 5 years of uninterrupted brilliance.

Fully Adjustable Brown Leather Strap. This alluring wooden watch features a pair of genuine leather bracelets to hold it securely on the wrist. It has a folding clasp that allows you to easily customize the bands to fit you perfectly. And the leather strap can be adjusted up to 9 inches making it accommodative of people with larger wrist sizes. The Treehut Bamboo Watch is also hypoallergenic and splash resistant (3 mm).

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The Pros of buying a Wooden Watch

After getting to know the best wood watches, let’s learn more about these trendy items, starting with the benefits:

  • Affordability. Wooden watches are relatively affordable compared to their metal counterparts
  • Hypoallergenic. They are an ideal alternative for people who are allergic to metal, leather, or silicone watches
  • Lightweight. Wooden watches are lighter and much comfortable to walk around with
  • Eco-friendly. Most wooden watch manufacturers use reclaimed and recycled wood which renders them eco-friendlier as compared to metal watches
  • Unique design and feel. Wooden watches are versatile and stylish
  • Free of any bad smell. Leather and silicone are associated with a bad odor especially when you sweat


The Cons

  • Durability. While a well-maintained wooden watch can last up to a decade, they are still not as durable as metal watches
  • Not suitable for sport. If you love swimming, for instance, a wooden watch might not be the best accessory for you


Useful Tips When Buying a Wooden Watch

After the introduction of wooden watches a few years ago, the best wooden watch brands are now working to outsmart each other. And with the many wooden watches that are already available on the market, choosing the ideal one can be challenging. Here are some of the factors to consider when buying one;

1. Your Style and Personality

Wooden watches are becoming more and more sophisticated with the manufacturers producing multiple shapes and designs to meet the ever-changing needs of the vast market. Most wood watches brands have more than 50 different designs to choose from.

And being that you’ll be wearing the watch for an extended period, it’s important you go for the one that matches your style and personality. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself before making the purchase. Do you find the watch aesthetically appealing? What about the look of the watch on your wrist? Do you want everyone to see it?

2. The Type of Wood

Furthermore, the type of wood used to make the watch determines its durability and how well you enjoy having it. Factors such as the color and texture of the different types of wood are very important when choosing the ideal wooden watch. Here are some of the common types;

  • Bamboo wood. This is the eco-friendliest wood used to make watches not only because it’s fast-growing but because it has a light-weight smooth texture which makes it appealing to both men and women.
  • Maplewood. This light-colored, attractive wood is extremely easy to craft, which makes it highly adored in the watchmaking industry. Maple is also very durable
  • Karri wood. This stylish wood has a unique red color that is beautiful. It has a coarse texture and is very durable as well
  • Olivewood. Olive wood comes in a variety of colors. It has a dense, tightly-grained texture and can withstand harsh environmental conditions than most other types of wood.
  • Teakwood. Though difficult to source, the Teak wood has a distinctive brown color that produces stylish unisex watches. It’s also very weather-resistant
  • Walnut wood is one of the most common types of wood used in many wooden watches. It has a rich dark color for stylish watches and is relatively durable.
  • Zebrawood. It has a zebra stripe wavy appearance which makes it stand out from the other types of wood. And while its unstable wood pattern makes it a headache for the watchmakers to work on, it’s a very durable and attractive watch once crafted
  • Sandalwood. This exotic type of wood comes in different colors and has a stunning original grain that renders it unique from the other wood types.

3. The Warranty and Return Policy

Before you make the purchase, make sure the wood watch companies can stand by their product. And, the warranty period should be reasonable, and the return policy specific.

Read through the return policy and only buy from the seller with the most favorable one. Avoid buying from second sellers as they don’t have a maintenance agreement with someone who can repair your watch

4. The Reputation of the Wood Watch brand

While we can’t use the number of years a company has been in existence as the ultimate determinant of whether or not to buy from them, it’s surely something to think about.

Most prolific wood watch brands have been in business for a few years, and it would be unwise to go to a start-up company on the internet to buy a wooden watch.

Hence, I’d recommend that you go for wooden watches brands that have been in the timepiece business for long, especially if it’s your first time buying a wooden watch.


Maintenance Tips for A Wooden Watch

Wood faced watches are a fashion accessory that is not going out of style any time soon. And while these unique watches bring out the best in every outfit you wear, they also require unique care to enhance their durability and showcase their very best.

Here are some of the maintenance tips for a wooden watch;

1. Stay away from water

While a good number of the wood faced watches are waterproof, it’s best to keep the watch away from water, especially from complete submersion. So, if you are swimming or engaging in a sporting activity, it’s wise to always remove the watch, even if it’s a waterproof wooden watch.

Wetting the watch affects both the exterior and the interior. So, avoid walking in the rain or showering with the watch, and your new accessory will be around for a good chunk of time.

2. Wear the Watch

Just like the statement reads; WEAR YOUR WATCH. The skin’s natural oils keep the watch moisturized and avoids drying, which might lead to cracking and discoloration.

The oils secreted by the skin maintain the watch’s appearance by adding shine to the material and keeping the wood supple. So, wear your wooden watch, it’s the best thing you can do to it!

3. Avoid direct sunlight.

Exposing your wooden watch to the sun for long can cause cracking and discoloration, which affects not only its appearance but also its functionality. On the other hand, don’t keep the watch tucked away in the box for a long period; wooden watches need to be exposed to the natural environment to maintain their alluring appearance. However, do not expose it to direct sunlight for too long.

4. Maintain the shine of the material

Though your skin oils moisturize and preserve the wood’s shine, you can enhance the lubrication by using a protective oil on the watch. Oil-based protectants not only protect against harsh climatic conditions, but they also provide the extra shine that renders the watch attractive at all times.

4. Keep away from harmful chemicals

Harmful, corrosive chemicals can damage the wood and break down the finish of your watch. Store it in a clean, cool, dry place and always be conscious of the environment you’re working in, especially when you are wearing your wooden watch.


Best Wood Watches in 2021: Conclusion

To sum it up, wooden watches are becoming a must-have accessory because of their unique, impeccable designing, eco-friendliness, and affordability. And while a wooden watch might not be as flashy as a gold one, its uniqueness adds a touch of class to your style without drawing too much attention.

The watches are made from different types of wood which explains the difference in tenacity and design.  And though some of the wooden watches borrow a thing or two from other materials like stainless steel, the creativity employed in some of the designs available today is mind-blowing.

In closing, I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my best wooden watches review and have picked something from each. The watches are my top 8 options based on their uniqueness, durability, and pricing. And I hope that this article helps you to make the right decision on the one to go for.




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